Macworld San Francisco Comments

Ok – this definitely falls in the category of better late than never.
During the keynote at MWSF I was making some notes about the new products and what I thought of them. And since I never got around to writing this entry back then, I can also add my comments after having had a chance to think/talk about the new products for a month.

– Time Capsule – Am not really excited about this. My concerns are that the backup over wireless connection will be too slow. I have a big hard drive connected to my iMac that I use as my backup destination.
A month later I have not changed my mind. Do not see the need for an Airport base station with a big hard drive. If I needed to get a new Airport Extreme, the cost differential for the Time Capsule is not worth it to me.

– iPhone updates – I am excited about the new features – will upgrade my iPhone as soon as I can.
After using the new features for a month I have come to really appreciate the ability to “find myself” on Google Maps. It works surprising well. Also using the “webclips” to put links directly to my Google page and others on the Home screen.

– iTunes updates – Not really into renting movies and downloading over the internet.
If I had the proper hardware (AppleTV or Mac mini to connect to my TV) I might feel more positive about these updates.

– AppleTV updates – I like price drop but would most likely get a Mac mini to interact with content on my TV.
A month later this has not changed.

– MacBook Air – I like thiness but I would not use as primary device. Too few connection options and not enough power. Like the remote disk SW to “replace” the optical drive.
A month later feel the same – this would be great to have a 2nd machine to use for travel or to take to meetings or the coffee shop. But when at my desk I like the extra USB ports and the greater horsepower my MacBook Pro has.

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