I suck as a friend

A good friend of mine – someone I consider one of my best friends – was recently diagnosed with cancer. He has a cancer that is related to melanoma (don’t have all the specifics – suffice it to say it is cancer).

He had noticed something out of the ordinary and they removed a lymph node from his face/neck recently and determined that it was cancerous. They did a follow up surgery and removed a bunch of other lymph nodes to determine if the cancer had spread. Good news was that the cancer was localized to the original node – PHEW!!. This was the best case scenario – you don’t want to know the worst case scenario.
The next step was to pump him full of Interferon to wipe out any other cancer cells floating around his body. Not a pleasant experience.

I called him Monday to see how he was doing – he was starting week 2 of a 4 week cycle of the drug. And I was just now getting in touch with him. I suck as a friend. I should have been at his bedside night and day – ok maybe that is a bit extreme, but I should have been in closer touch with him.

I have given myself a challenge to be a better friend. Not just to this friend but to all my friends – see you soon Scooter.

3 thoughts on “I suck as a friend

  1. I know the worst case scenario… my father was consumed, literally, by this disease. The progression and ultimate effect is horrific to imagine. Ask me offline.

    Your friend is lucky to have caught it early and addressed it in a timely fashion. And I expect he’ll stay on top of it. In fact I know he will, because I know his ‘freshly invigorated’ friend will see to it that he does.

  2. You are a good friend, Jess. Life is busy and I know how hard you try. Give yourself some slack, dude. Thanks for the great note.


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