I am so un-screwed

Went back under the knife Friday to have the screws in my leg removed – here is the story of how they ended up there.

The surgery was going to be pretty straight forward – slice, slice, unscrew, unscrew, stitch, stitch. I requested to have a local – did not want to mess with a general anesthesia.

During the prep I had a least 3 folks write on my right leg to make sure my right leg was the right leg – including myself. I had to initial my leg, as did the surgeon and the anesthesiologist. After the prep I was rolled into the operating room and away went. After cleaning my leg really good – I mean REALLY good – they draped sterile sheets, which resulted in me being unable to see what they were doing 😦

The doc told I would feel a little prick – which I took offense to until I realized he was talking about the local anesthetic he was giving (ba-dump). After a few minutes he asked if I felt anything sharp – nope. Next felt a “grinding” in my leg as he backed out the screw. Felt a little twinge as he was cauterizing some blood vessels – but that was the extent of the pain. One down, one to go.

Since I could not see the procedure, I spent the time talking to the anesthesiologist about Palm PDAs/Phones, iPhones, and music. Was interesting to hear the banter between the folks in the OR – I wonder if they were inhibited since the patient was wide-awake and participating in the conversation.

After a couple of hours of arriving I was on my way home. Doc said I had to wear the boot I wore when I dislocated my ankle and use crutches until the follow up appointment the following Tuesday. I was not happy about having to use crutches again but I followed the Doc’s orders, mostly.

Today was the followup and all looks good. Have to continue to wear the boot until the 11th when I get the stitches out but I can use a cane – which makes me much happier. So now I am hobbling around for another week and a half – then this adventure will be over – woo hoo.

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