Meet Guinness – the newest Gibson

It has been a long and winding road that ended last Thursday at San Francisco Airport as we meet Saudjie Crook and our newest addition to the family – Guinness.

Guinness comes from Balrion at Weathertop – a breeder in the UK. We have been looking for a 3-4 year old English Labrador for awhile and our good friend Barb saw Guinness on their website in January. He was one of their show quality puppies that has had a very challenging life that led him to be on their website. The Crooks had retired him from the show ring and were looking for a good home for him.

I started a months long conversation to try to coordinate the travel schedules of the Crook’s and mine to get him to the states at the lost cost. Initially I was going to use frequent flyer miles to go to the UK but could not get seats on the flights I needed to. And when Saudjie came here last month the weather was too cold in Chicago (where she connected flights in the US) for Guinness to come with here. We were starting to wonder if it was not meant to be.

Then we found out Saudjie was coming back to the states in late March and we crossed our fingers hoping he would make it this time – he did. He is a great dog, a bit of a chow hound (understatement), but he has a great personality and has fit in well with the family and the neighborhood dogs.

Some of you may ask – in fact some of you have – “what, they don’t have dogs in the US?” Well, we were looking for a specific breed of dog and were not willing to pay an excessive amount. In fact we found a similar dog in the Central Valley here in California – but they wanted 3 times as much for a dog the same age. After all of the fees for shipping and getting the medical waivers for Guinness it cost less than half as much as the dog in the states.

And the most important fact – Beverly is over the top in love with him.
Only downside – now the ranking at home is the boys, the dogs, and then me. So now I have one more dog I have to fight with for attention ;-). And with teenagers I am not sure how long they will stay above the dogs.


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