It started as a harmless political joke

My dad sent me a joke:

   Recently a Democratic operative pointed out that when Obama holds a rally 25-30,000 people show up, whereas when McCain holds one he only draws 10-15,000. The Republican spokesman replied, ‘That’s because McCain’s supporters are at work.’

I replied:

   Think you are funny, don’t you

he replied

   I thought it was an interesting point of view. I am not sure yet who I will vote for but so far I am not really super impressed with either of the candidates, however, Gov. Palin does have some interesting credentials.

That got me thinking about Obama vs McCain and more specifically the recent Governor Palin interview with Katie Couric. I wanted to continue the conversation with my dad – but then I realized that what I had written articulated fairly well my feelings on McCain, Obama, and Palin. To this point I have not really shared any overt political opinions regarding 2008 on this blog – time to change that. I don’t expect to continue the conversation with my dad on this blog, but wanted to get my thoughts out there:

Really!?– I had assumed you were McCain all the way.
Palin – “interesting credentials” – such as???

During the primaries, if there was any Republican I could vote for, if I had to vote Republican, was McCain. But I don’t see myself voting Republican because I disagree with the Republican party on too many issues – many issues I perceive are driven by the influence of religion in their policy decisions.

In regard to Palin I do not feel comfortable with her because:

  1. I don’t know what her experience is in a national setting is.
    – being close to Russia does not qualify you to speak on international issues – see this clip from the interview with Katie Couric. I am sorry – she comes across as a bit wacked. How can being the Governor of a state near a foreign country give you foreign policy experience. In that case, the Governors of CA, AZ, NM, and TX all have even more experience because they actually touch a foreign country.
    – I concede that Obama is relatively new to politics but he has been on the American/World stage for year plus and people have had a chance to get to know him. Palin is the shiny new 2009 model year car that everybody likes and wants to check out. But once we have lived with it for a few weeks and the new car smell wears off we may find there are issues we don’t like – like one of the tires is out of balance.

  2. she is currently taking positions now that resonate with the public – but I hear/read/see her positions in the recent past were different (echos of the whole flip-flop tag that got put on Kerry).

  3. she is too extreme in her religious view. I think McCain picked her to appease the religious right. But I am concerned that she will drive policy decisions based upon her religious point of view – abortion rights, teaching evolution in school, abstinence only sex-ed, etc.
    – the whole thing with her daughter. She said it was a family issue and they would make the choice that was best for them. That is fine and I support that, but my perception is that if she had her way she would roll back Roe v Wade, thereby limiting my choice. Smacks of do what I say, not what I do.

  4. Watch more of the Katie Couric interview here and here. When presented with the hard question she answers in generalities. In the first minute of the first interview Katie asks her about an advisor to McCain and his potential conflict of interest. Palin does not answer the question and when Katie asks it again Palin stumbles over her words and then says the exact same thing again. When she is parroting the party line she is articulate and clear – require her to think on her feet and she stumbles.

I think the current administration has driven us to a point, based upon their “you are with us or you are with the terrorists” attitude, where our standing and influence on the world stage has been reduced – how much I don’t know. We need someone who can be a “shining light” for America and work with the world community to resolve issues that affect not just America, but the world – Global warming, terrorism, genocide in Africa, energy – the list goes on.

There may be concerns about Obama and his experience, and post primaries we are seeing a bit of the “dark-side”, but I believe he presents the change the country needs. America needs something different than what we have had for the past 8 years, and right or wrong, McCain is too closely associated with Bush and the failed policies of his administration. Obama is articulate, has a clear vision for the future, and has presented himself to the world stage and passed the “sniff” test. I think he should be the one we hand the baton off to and lets see how far he can carry it.

One thought on “It started as a harmless political joke

  1. Well stated, Jess. I followed the Dooce link and watched the interview as well, earlier today, and was about as dumbfounded as she appeared to be. It’s frightening, though, when you put into context that Bush was actually re-elected for a 2nd term, and when you look at the colors of the map on this post. I consider the McCain/Palin ticket just absurd on so many counts. But you know, as clearly idiotic and ridiculous it may seem to us, there’s a whole country out there ready to walk ‘the party line’ and as you said, be swayed by their religious convictions.

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