For Strength

I thought I had talked about my recently acquired love of Guinness but could not find a post – so here it is.

When we adopted the black lab and named him Guinness a neighbor gave me a four-pack of Guinness as a gift.
Prior this I had not been a really big fan of Guinness/Murphys/etc. Just felt they were too, well not sure what I thought but it was not my drink of choice. Well, one four-pack later and I have seen the light and Guinness has become my drink of choice.

Fast forward to this fall. Guinness is also the drink of choice for several of the developers that I work with. They enjoy their Guinness in style with their official Guinness Glasses. I thought the glasses were pretty gosh darn nifty and some day I would have to get me some.

Fast Forward to Christmas morning. Guess what Beverly got me for Christmas? My own set of Guinness bar glasses. It has been awhile since I got excited by a gift – this one got me exited. Thanks very much dear, now I can drink in style.

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