Buh bye

For a variety of reasons – the mains one being I work at Palm and AT&T reception at my house SUCKS – I find myself using my Palm Pre+ more and more.

Got to thinking why am I paying $70 a month for phone service I rarely use. So effective today I have cancelled my AT&T service.

Due to the wonders of Google Voice (and a neighbor that works there) I have transferred my number into Google Voice. That means that you can still call the old number and you reach me – lucky you.

This does not mean that I am leaving the iPhone/iPod ecosystem. There are things that the iPhone/iPod can do that my Pre is less successful at : 1) the podcast listening experience is much better on the iPhone/iPod; and 2) being able to manipulate Photos taken on the device.

I hope that with the introduction of the Palm PDK we will soon see full-featured photo editing apps. Not sure what will happen in regards to the podcast issue.

In the meantime my iPhone 3G becomes an iPod Touch – with a camera. When Apple introduces the next gen iPod Touch with a camera this summer (he says hopefully) it will be time to upgrade.

But you say Jess – what if you want to play a web-enabled game (like Words with Friends) on the iPhone and you are not someplace with WiFi? That is when Mobile Hotspot on the Pre comes to the rescue. Free WiFi on the go – Bazinga!

1 thought on “Buh bye

  1. You know, i keep pacing around that same decision. I’ve actually got my sim in my Nexus One at work right now. I’m torn. What else is new? But until I see what June holds for the future of the iPhone, i remain on the fence. That said, smart move on your part.


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