It’s the content

Let me say this up front – I do not own an iPad and have only played with one for an hour or so. So my opinions are based upon the minimal interaction and the feedback from folks I respect. One of those folks is Fred Wilson – A VC on the east coast.

When the iPad first came out he was not a fan. Jump forward a month later and he has changed his tune.

His most recent comments reinforce my opinion that the iPad is best suited for content consumption. You can create on the iPad – but I don’t think it is meant for the heavy lifting. Writing a quick email is one thing – creating anything beyond a simple Pages/Numbers/Keynote document is something else.

I feel the iPad is an additional device to meet your technology needs – not a replacement device.

1 thought on “It’s the content

  1. I continue to try and make due with mine, including a recent rather robust effort at authoring an extensive blog post. It was not as easy as a typical keyboard, but it was smoother than usual and helpful in the realm of ‘focus’. It has a way to go, indeed, but so does our own adoption of adaption…. as it were…


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