Thoughts on Apple’s event

Just finished watching the event and wanted to share some thoughts.

First the streaming of the event. For the most part worked ok. But several times the feed got choppy and had hit refresh or open page. Still better to watch it live then following someones comments on website.

 – Shuffle

    • like that the buttons are back

    • would have liked to have seen it next to a current shuffle so could get sense of size

    • really like the $49 price point

 – Nano

    • Like the small size

    • would probably get this for Bev instead of shuffle. Think she would be more comfortable with the screen to enable interaction

 – iPod Touch

    • the addition of the rear camera was what I have been waiting for. The front camera is nice, but not as exciting as the rear one

    • but what is the megapixel count for the back camera. On the website it only says “still photos (960 x 720)” – does that mean it is a 0.7 megapixel camera? If that is the case that most likely kills my desire to get a Touch.

    • was expecting it would be the same design as the iPhone but ok with thinner version of current design

 – Ping

    • not sure if want another social network

    • why not leverage Facebook and/or Twitter? Definitely more full featured than if it had leveraged Facebook/Twitter

    • what happens to music social sites like LastFM

 – AppleTV

    • Like the smaller size and the $0.99 to rent TV shows

    • but only Fox and ABC – does not cover all the networks I want/need

    • Question about the “Computer” option – can I access media that is on a hard drive attached to my Airport Extreme?

    • Will Plex/Boxee run on it?

    • But the $99 price makes it an easy impulse buy.

 – Music Guest

    • WOW! Cold Play! Well – 25% of them

    • He played an unreleased song and said F@$k – woo hoo

1 thought on “Thoughts on Apple’s event

  1. FYI:

    – iPod shuffle: It’s ~2/3 the height, and ~twice the width of the 3rd gen. Basically, take a 2nd gen (previous, with buttons), make it a bit less thick, and chop off the extended area next to the buttons, and you have a 4th gen

    – iPod nano: Very cool – nice small device, and easy to interact with, via multi-touch. I miss the camera from the 5th gen, though…

    – iPod touch: Yep, the back camera is a VIDEO camera only, like on the 5th gen nano. Still images are just frames from the 960×720 video feed.

    – AppleTV: I was laughing at all the “It will be renamed ‘iTV’!!” rumors (why?). GREAT little device, and the addition of Netflix is especially cool, IMHO. Still a closed system, so no 3rd party plugins (but I’d assume the haX0r community will address this soon). Regarding programming content: Give ’em time. Most networks are desperately holding on to an outdated distribution model. They’ll see the light soon enough…

    BTW: HDR photos in iOS 4 are _awesome_. They helped get some nice low-light images when we were getting ultrasounds done 😉


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