Putting the GM ignition switch fiasco in perspective

Gm logoGreat opinion piece in this morning’s Quartz Weekend Brief.

The take away – yes the lives lost (13 or 74, depending upon who ask) are tragic – but

From 2003 to 2010, the period in question, 287,586 people died in the US in car crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That’s 98 people every single day.

If we spent a fraction of the energy we have spent chastising GM on improving overall traffic safety we would have have saved way more lives. But then that is not as exciting of a news story.

1 thought on “Putting the GM ignition switch fiasco in perspective

  1. Yes overall traffic safety is a much more worthy goal BUT as the note says it isn’t as exciting because it just sort of happens every day all around us and we have become very callous when it comes to those death. Here in the last couple of weeks we have had a child run over while following a garbage truck on his bide and another killed by a school bus passing the one she just got off from. Unfortunately those stories are not ‘sexy’ and the media can’t play the ‘giant killer’ and titillate us all with how much money this mess will cost the GMiant.


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