Growing Pains

Single marijuana leaf PKPMLGCWe recently received a notice from Silicon Valley Power (SVP) that on an upcoming day they would be shutting off the power between 8-4 to trim trees and make repairs.

The day rolled around and at about 8:15 the power went down. It was hot that day and I was feeling bad for Beverly and Connor because they would have no air conditioning (I was at work that day). Power came back on at 4 and it had not been to uncomfortable for them.

At some point the SVP folks accessed our backyard – the power pole is in our yard – so they could swap out some equipment.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Connor is growing a couple of marijuana plants in the backyard. FYI – It is legal in California.

As you would have expected, the SVP folks were very interested in the flora in our backyard – more specifically Connor’s plants. 
Bev and Connor watched them paying very close attention to the plants. looking at them. smelling them.
Pretty sure that their work was not affected by the plants – at least I sure hope so.

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