Old Photos

Gibson 8 2022   615The last time I was home visiting my mom we found two shoe boxes full of slides that my dad had shot between the mid-70s and the mid-80s. 

I shipped the boxes to ScantoDigital, a service recommended by a good friend, and a few weeks later the slides came back along with a flash drive with all the digital photos.

Total cost for just over 1400 photos was around $500.

I imported all the photos and started tagging them to sort them by location (England/Scotland, Germany), events (scouts), and other relevant groups (USAF, skiing, Family, etc). Then I created shared folders in Apple Photos so the photos could be shared with family.

It has been really cool to look back at pictures of my family from that time. I also realized that my mom and dad were younger in the pictures then I am now, by 10-15 years. Wild to see them, and us kids, at that age.

Next step –  get all the photos we took over the years when the boys were growing up digitized.

FYI – The photo with this post is from the Gibson family reunion in 1978.

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