Dutch Ovens

Qs1ckmikuyyfvreookveFirst some background – I was active in scouts when I was younger and then again when the boys were of age, so I have done a fair bit of camp cooking – i.e. using Dutch Ovens

For Christmas years ago Bev said she wanted a Dutch Oven. I thought awesome, Dutch ovens are great for cooking when camping. That year we went to my parents in Utah for Christmas and I had my dad pick up a Dutch Oven from Smith and Edwards (that place has everything).

Christmas day comes and we are opening gifts. Bev opens the Dutch Oven I got here and looked at me like WTF!? I said that is a Dutch Oven, just like you asked for.

That day I learned there are Dutch Ovens and then are there are Dutch Ovens – she meant the later that is used in the kitchen, not at a campfire.

I did eventually get her the Dutch Oven she meant.

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