The family wagon

WagonStory Time.

In the mid-70’s my Dad was assigned to England (he was in the US Air Force) and at the time my parents drove a large station wagon – IIRC something like this.

They were told the large American station wagon would not be practical in England. So when choosing a car to take to England they stayed with a station wagon, but went small – really small. Ford Pinto small. We were a family of 5. I was 13 and probably 6’, or close to it. Getting in the family in the car  – well you know the clown cars they have a the circus – it was like that.

Before we went to England, we went to upstate New York to visit my Dad’s family at the farm he grew up on. My Dad’s youngest brother – Kenneth – owned the local hardware store in Hartford, NY and he also collected old cars. I am not sure how it happened, but we ended up in a ‘drag race’, going uphill, with Kenneth in one of his old cars and us in the Pinto.

Kenneth won the race . . . driving a Model A – from the 30’s. Like this one, but not as nice.

When we got to England the Pinto did not last long (a story for another day) and they bought our families first Volvo Station Wagon – one of many Volvos my parents owned through the years.

Total side note – besides the Model A, my uncle also had a early 70’s Chevelle Convertible – Red of course – that has been recently restored. That car is sweet.

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