The Magic of 73

73aGreat New Yorker article on the magic of 73 – the record number of wins for the Golden State Warriors this season.

Based upon the input from Sheldon, this may be my new favorite number . . . nope, still is 42.


Connor’s photos go national

Sports Journal Logo

For the past several months Connor has been one of the staff photographers shooting Bay Area sports for The Sports Journal. He has shot the SF Giants, the SJ Sharks, and the SJ Earthquakes.

The Sports Journal is primarily web based, but they do publish a physical magazine. In the October 2015 issue an article titled ‘Drafting a Dynasty’ about the SF Giants included one of Connor’s photos !!. The pdf of the magazine is here, His photo is on page 57 of the magazine (or page 29 of the PDF).
I could not find a permanent link to the specific issue, so if the Oct issue is no longer available on-line, drop me a line and I can send you the PDF. 

Way to go Connor !! Hope this leads to more awesome photo opportunities.

Landon gets published


It has been what, 16 months since my last post. What could it possible be that would motivate me to do a post.

Well, I have been thinking about starting to make an effort to post on a more regular basis – where more regular means more than do a couple of posts . . . wait a couple of years . . . do a few more posts . . . repeat.

But the catalyst today is this article published on the Public Policy Institute of California’s web site – Nursing Homes in California. Other than the fact that I am getting along in years and may need the service of a Nursing Home someday, the reason I call this out is that this is the first solo published article of an up and coming public policy expert – one Landon Gibson.

Gotta say, it is pretty special and makes one proud when you see someone you care for continue on their path to success.


So – what has happened since my last series of posts

• iOS 4 is released

• iPhone 4 is released

• I attended a family reunion in the Tetons

hmm – anything else? Oh yeah – I got laid off.

ex-squeeze me you say – yep ich nicht bin ein HPer. I had assumed – mistakenly – that I would be safe in the Software group. Well you know what they say about assuming . . .

The end of June was my last day at Palm. I was there almost 6 years – 6 pretty good years. But now it is time to start a new adventure and the crank up the network.

If you, or anyone one you know, is looking for a skilled project/program manager – you have my email.

Technology works b!#¢hes

From the Mercury News.

• Thieves break into house

• Thieves steal technology – including 2 iPads

• Geek (an Apple employee for the record) uses “Find my iPhone” to locate iPads – and as a result the thieves

• Cops using info from geek catch thieves

• Geek gets hardware back.

Geeks 1

Thieves 0