iPhone 4 Thoughts

I have been thinking about the iPhone 4 introduced earlier this week and trying to organize my thoughts on it. For the purpose of this post I want to focus on the hardware vs iOS 4 (I plan on “reviewing” iOS when it is released).


 – better camera/video (HD video FTW)

 – thinner – antennas around the outside of the device – way cool way to make it thinner

 – more powerful

 – cameras on front and back


 – glass on both sides (twice as much surface to crack)


 – FaceTime – I know that this may fall into the software category, but since it only works on the new hardware I am including it here

   – Makes for a great demo but only works between iPhone 4 devices on wifi. I think that limits it in the near term. When it can 1) work with other devices and/or video services (Skype, iChat, etc); and 2) on the carrier network – it has the potential to be huge.

Based upon the pros/cons this would be a slam dunk to upgrade. But there are 2 other factors – iOS 3 and AT&T.

 – I am currently full vested on webOS – which makes sense since I work at Palm (aka HP) ;-). My current hardware is a Pre+

   – I don’t disagree with the argument that Palm has some opportunities to improve our hardware and software, but to me webOS is more intuitive and much easier to work with than iOS 3. iOS 4 may shift the balance but that decision will have to wait until I can get my hands on the OS.

 – I have cancelled my AT&T service and I don’t see me signing back up for AT&T in the near future. I got sick of dropped calls at my house – to make/take a call on my iPhone 3G I had to go outside). With Verizon I have had no issues. (Mobile Hotspot FTW)

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