THE 411

Great new service from Google – GOOG-411.

Make the call, tell them what city and business, get a list of business. The system can connect you to the business or send you a text message with the phone number and the URL to show you where the business is via Google Maps.

Have used it a couple times so far and it rocks. Oh, and did I mention it is free.

17 thoughts on “THE 411

  1. I used Goog 411 about 10 times last week to locate businesses, to get a text message of the addresses and to get connected directly by phone. This is another example of Web 2.0’s usefulness. Thanks for your post.


  2. Web 2.0 rocks. Wait till Google integrates this 411 with Garmin (GPS) type navigation! In the GPS screen 5 push pin type businesses pop up when asked for a specific thing. Then they will integrate the Google neighborhood camera into the GPS (and you will see the neighborhood pic before reaching). I will not be too surprised if Google enters the GPS market now!


  3. It is really amazing and I think that this is a cool feature is it just me or are a lot of the google apps hidden?


  4. I enjoy this service very much. I can be on the road and call a pizza place. Saves me memory space in my head for more important things then Pizza phone #’s. : )


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